One Light & A Barber Shop


Yesterday afternoon, I met up with Esco to shoot some promotional photos for a few upcoming projects of his.

We started out in the recording studio at in the recording studio that happened to be in the back of the barber shop for some quick shots in the booth. Shooting in a confined space like this is always tough because there simply isn’t enough room to put a bunch of lights or even be in there with the subject for that matter. Since there wasn’t much lighting in the booth to be used, I tried using my 85mm f/1.8 wide open at first but the crop was a little too tight for the look we were going for and focusing was damn near impossible that close. I ended up switching back to my 24-105 f/4L that is probably my favorite lens I own at this point for the simple fact that you can use it in nearly any situation.


Since I wasn’t able to use a very fast lens and I didn’t want to jack the iso up super high, I grabbed my Phottix Mitros+ hotshoe flash and bounced it off of the ceiling of the booth. Even though this method is pretty much always going to give you dark areas around the eyes, I felt that it worked well and gave a nice dark mood to the shots.

The next shot on the agenda was a variation of the famous┬ábarber shop shot of Pimp C. I don’t really like to recreate photos to the T so we left the phone behind and just settled for a shot in the barber shop. Nothing really complicated here other than the highly technical skill of opening the blinds to let in a little more light. This one was shot with the 50mm f/1.8 wide open at 1/160th of a second and ISO400.


The entire intent of this shoot was to get a few lifestyle type shots for Esco to use but I wanted to grab one “real” headshot before we finished up. Once we got back to his house, I grabbed my Phottix Indra360 with a silver collapsible beauty dish with diffusion for a quick one light portrait. Originally, I wanted to have heavy backlighting for this shot on a black background but I had accidentally left my light stand and backdrop kit at the previous location and was stuck with a white wall and nothing to bounce any light off of for backlight. The Indra360 is a great battery powered TTL light but also has the ability to sync at up to 1/8000th of a second with the Odin transmitter to kill ambient light so I was able to shoot this at f/8 and 1/1000th of a second for a pretty solid and moody traditional headshot.



Wanna shoot? Shoot me an email at and let’s get to work!

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