Look at the World Differently and Create Better Art

This project by (fellow STL native) Brandon Voges that I came across is a prime example of how changing the way that you look at things can really help you overall in not only your creativity but your overall quality of work as well. This project takes simple portraits and "doubles" them with their breakfast counterparts. As dumb and pointless as this may concept may sound, it is an absolutely genius take on portraiture and food photography. Check out the full project here.

New Studio Flashes

Today I received my new studio lights that I've been waiting on from B&H. I picked up the Interfit EX150 MKIII Kit as well as a snoot and some gels for about $300. 


A lot of people may say that buying "cheap" equipment is a terrible idea when it comes to something as important as studio flashes but I have had the first version of these lights for the past 4 years and would still be using both of them if I hadn't broken one of the flash heads. They are not super powerful at 150 w/s but they have a decent flash duration and work amazing for portrait work in small spaces with up to 3 or 4 people. For some reason I actually received an extra softbox in the kit which was great so my total equipment haul $306 with shipping would be 2 flashes, stands, cables (sync and power), softboxes, 1 umbrella, snoot with 4 gels and 8 9x9 colored gels. 


Don't Selfie and Drive

I came across this genius campaign from DDB Mexico for Volkswagen that paints a grim but very serious picture for anyone that thinks taking a picture of themselves is more important than actually paying attention to what they're doing. I don't know if a campaign like this would fly in the US but is definitely an important piece of advertising and really reinforces VW's focus on safety of not only their product but the people that use it.

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