New Studio Flashes

Today I received my new studio lights that I've been waiting on from B&H. I picked up the Interfit EX150 MKIII Kit as well as a snoot and some gels for about $300. 


A lot of people may say that buying "cheap" equipment is a terrible idea when it comes to something as important as studio flashes but I have had the first version of these lights for the past 4 years and would still be using both of them if I hadn't broken one of the flash heads. They are not super powerful at 150 w/s but they have a decent flash duration and work amazing for portrait work in small spaces with up to 3 or 4 people. For some reason I actually received an extra softbox in the kit which was great so my total equipment haul $306 with shipping would be 2 flashes, stands, cables (sync and power), softboxes, 1 umbrella, snoot with 4 gels and 8 9x9 colored gels. 


Don't Selfie and Drive

I came across this genius campaign from DDB Mexico for Volkswagen that paints a grim but very serious picture for anyone that thinks taking a picture of themselves is more important than actually paying attention to what they're doing. I don't know if a campaign like this would fly in the US but is definitely an important piece of advertising and really reinforces VW's focus on safety of not only their product but the people that use it.


Credits per project on Behance:

Agencia: DDB México
Cliente: Volkswagen
Dirección Creativa: Raúl Pineda "Rulo" / Antonio Cué
Redacción: Raúl Pineda
Dirección de Arte: Antonio Cué
Producción Agencia: Violeta Pacheco / Marcelo Genel
Casa Productora: Estudio Base
Fotografía: Diego Arrigoni
Producción: Ezequiel Schnabel
Post-Producción: Juan Pulido


SCKNOWS & DrewsThatDude Present: Primerio Estrangeiro

For the past few weeks the world has been enthralled with the World Cup and rightfully so as it was definitely one of the single most talked about sporting events in a very, very long time. A few months ago me and Drew came up with the idea of doing a project based around Casino's legendary Foreeeigggnnnn adlib, and somehow, some turned into this amazing EP. The countries featured are the final four that include Holland, Brazil, Argentina and the Champions, Germany (Keep that in mind when you hear the cheers on the final track). This was a great project to work on and I can wait to bring the next installment which will be coming sooner than you think. 

Self Portrait Speed Retouching

For my portrait practice this week I decided to do a self portrait and use some of the techniques I have found on here such as hue/saturation adjustment layers for cutting down on redness, curves vignettes, and the surface blur sharpening trick. Check out the video and final portrait below.

Camera Info:

Canon 7D
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4
ISO 125 - 1/125th exposure - f/11 
Triggered with EOS Utility
1 Strobe off camera high left and a continuous light low right for faint fill

Music by Andrew Lloyd (

Grant Tucker

Video Review and Walkthrough of the GPen Pro

Last week I received the GPen Pro from Grenco Science which is the first convection Herbal Vaporizer from the brand and it has absolutely blown me away. Some people in the past have complained that the G Pen doesn't necessarily vaporize as much as it combusts and thankfully that complaint is now null and void. 

The G Pen Pro features 3 variable temperature settings of 320°, 380°, & 420° Fahrenheit and a full enclosed convection chamber with a capacity of roughly .6 grams. Over the past week of using this vaporizer, I have to say that it is definitely the most solid product from Grenco buildwise and they have completely outdone themselves in every way imaginable.

If you are hesitant about wax and other oils I would definitely give this vape a try and you can get it for 10% off with the code "SCKNOWSPRO" at checkout @

Red Bull Houston - Copa de Calle

On July 11th at Houston Street Soccer (2418 Lamar St.),  Red Bull Houston is going to be having the first qualifier for its Copa de Calle 3 on 3 street soccer tournament with a grand prize of a fully paid trip to go support the Dynamo in NYC against the Red bulls. I am going to try to make it down to at least one of the 3 qualifiers to shoot as i am sure this is going to be great and can't wait to see the support for all of the teams involved. 

Red Bull Copa de Calle

"Concurs de Castells" by David Oliete

In the city of Tarragona in the Catalonia region of Spain there is a biannual "competition" known as the Concurs de Castells which pits 32 teams against each other in a contest to see who can form the largest human tower that often times contains 10+ levels. Things like this really show what the human body can accomplish and is amazing to me, try picking up a person and holding them over your head and multiply that by about 30 and you would understand what these amazing people can do. The images themselves in this series almost have a mandala like quality to them and keep the viewer involved the entire time as they look at all of the subtle details within the pieces. Great work David, great, work.

Check out David Oliete's website here with the full gallery from this series.

Source: The Phoblographer