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Welcome To SCKNOWS

  • g-pen-pro-herbal-vaporizer

    Want A G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer?

    I have been wanting to do a contest to give one of these amazing herbal vaporizers away for a while now. To be eligible to win the G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer all you have to do is send me a portrait or still life photo involving smoke or vapor of some kind…

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  • lightroom-mobile-vs-vsco-cam

    Lightroom Mobile vs. VSCO Cam

    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of writing an in depth review of both Lightroom Mobile and VSCO Cam for Ink361 that describes the main differences between the applications and what my preferred application and workflow is. Enlight is an app that is really growing in popularity however I have not had the chance to try it out for myself yet so when I do, I will most likely post about it here.

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  • snapchat-thumbnail

    If you’re a photographer, there is a good chance that you are on most (if not all) of the social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, 500px, Google+ and more with even more articles on why you should be using them but you don’t see too many “Snapchat for Photographers” posts for various reasons.

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  • macklemore-ryan-lewis

    Find and Develop Your Style

    This isn’t to say that your style will never change or progress because it undoubtedly will. Initially, all of my photos were very dark with deep blacks and vivid color highlights with asymmetrical compositions and I have since progressed to a more muted style with faded shadows and more symmetry.

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  • eye-fi-mobi-card

    Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card Review

    Yesterday afternoon before covering an event for my job, I decided to stop and pickup the 16gb Eye-Fi Mobi SD card to see if it was really as great as I have heard. The premise of the card is great, if your camera does not have a wireless transmitter or wi-fi capabilities built in, you can use an Eye-Fi card to wirelessly transfer your images straight from your camera to your phone for any quick on the spot editing you may want to do. 

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  • huf-gpen-microg

    Improve Your Flash Photography with Bounce Flash

    The ability to properly bounce light in your flash photography can be the deciding factor in whether or not a photo comes out as great as you’d imagine. Nearly everyone, photographer or not, has seen an image taken with direct flash from a camera or external flash that is completely blown out and ruined and bouncing your flash can be a great way to solve this problem and get your image one step closer to perfect.

    This post in particular is going to show you how I used bounce flash to create an image for the Huf x Grenco Science MicroG for close to a year now.

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  • taqueria-neon-sign

    Horchata & Terrorism

    When it comes to American holidays, there really is nothing bigger or more important than July 4th. Whether you are hanging out with friends at a bbq or spending a fortune on fireworks that last 12 seconds, everyone generally has a great time. Unfortunately, this 4th wasn’t the greatest but I still made it out to shoot a little bit and celebrate Independence Day the best way I possibly could, with tacos.

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  • beverage-retouching-dewars

    Beverage Photography: Combining Exposures

    When it comes to beverage photography, retouching and compositing several photos is often the key to a great final product. When shooting darker liquids on a dark background or even clear ones altogether, you often need to combine several photos to show the product in the best possible way.

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  • taylor-gang-microG

    SC x G Pen Teams Up Again

    It is no secret that I have a long standing relationship with G Pen (Grenco Science) as is evident from last projects and a good part of my work from 2012-2013 but for the new site we decided to launch with a great new project.

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  • The $10 DIY Light Modifier

    Even the smallest modification of your studio lighting can have a big impact on your image. Using something like a softbox or umbrella is going to give you much softer light than a bare bulb with no diffusion or modification which is usually the more visually pleasing result. Below is an example of a recent food shoot that I did both with and without the light modifier that I will teach you how to make in this post, it’s MUCH easier than many would think.

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  • Adaptive Wide Angle Tutorial

    As with the last post on distortion correction, this post is going to show the desktop equivalent by using the adaptive wide angle filter in Photoshop CC (2014) which gives you much more precise control over the corrections than any other tool that I have seen. The adaptive wide angle filter works …

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  • Lil Wayne

    The Question You Should Never Ask A Photographer

    I know I’m not alone in the fact that this question extremely agitates me when asked and hopefully this post will shed some light on why most photographers should feel the same way. Now before I get further into this I do want to say that this question is appropriate when you’re asking in regards to equipment you’re unsure about but this usually isn’t the reason the question is asked.

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  • Distortion Correction with SKRWT for iOS

    In 2005, long before I ever entertained the thought of even learning how to use a camera, great photography seemed to be exclusive to people with high end and often expensive equipment that required years upon years of training and schooling. Fast forward a decade and literally anyone with a smartphone can become an online sensation on Instag….

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  • Want To Be A Better Photographer?

    When I was making t-shirts, it was cool for what it was and I loved people walking around proudly wearing artwork that I created but as with any small business, money can put a strain on things and it got to the point where I simply didn’t enjoy it anymore because there was such a pressure to release something that would make money and SC quickly turned into more of a money pit than a viable business….

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  • 93.3 H-town Beatdown Photo Recap

    Friday night I found out at about 8pm that I was able to snag a press pass with some help from the TDE boss man. I arrived right when J. Cole was closing out his set and right before Kendrick hit the stage so I was able to catch Kendrick (for I think the 8th time now if I count every show), Trey Songz, Bun’s impromptu awards acceptance…

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  • Inside Jordan Brand’s Terminal 23 in NYC

    Right before I made my way to LGA to come back home , I was able to check out the Jordan Brand installation “Terminal 23″ in Manhattan and shoot some photos of the space thanks to the homie Jeff over at Game7. The space was created for the launch…

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What is SCKNOWS?

Although SCKNOWS started as a simple marketing tool for my t-shirt company during my freshman year of college, it has since turned into much more. This small site has evolved from a simple concert photography blog to a place to showcase my work and share tips and tricks that I have used to improve myself as a photographer and artist over the years.

The term “commercial photographer” is a very broad genre of photography and includes everything from food & drink to advertising and editorial portraiture. There is really no limit to what this could entail and that is what I love.