New Client Work: PCS Software

This past weekend, my friend Julia had me go take some quick exterior shots of the company that she works at here in The Woodlands and for such a seemingly simple shot, this was not a very easy task. I had never done architectural photography (for hire at least) up until this point and going into it, I knew there would be some issues I would have to encounter such as lens distortion, visually distracting obstacles that I could do nothing about, and of course...the weather. Originally, this shoot was supposed to be done weeks ago but due to my schedule and our random run of crappy weather the past few weeks, I only had a short window Saturday afternoon to get what was needed and overall I am pretty happy with the final shot that was chosen. But let's talk about some things that I learned..because that is kind of what this site is for.

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Seattle Through the Lens

I was in Seattle this past weekend covering Oprah's 2nd to last stop of her "The Life You Want" Tour for P&G and after the Double7 team wrapped up on Saturday we decided to explore the city a little bit and although we didn't see too much because we were on a time constraint, I was able to get some great shots by the water. This is probably the most photogenic city i've ever been to and I definitely can't wait to go back on a personal trip. Check out the pictures after the jump.

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Oprah's "The Life You Want Weekend" O-Town Houston Photos

This past Friday and Saturday I was lucky enough to be contracted to cover Procter & Gamble's activations for Tide and Olay (As well as a small amount of  content for HEB locally) at the O-Town activation adjacent to the Toyota Center which played host to Oprah's the Life You Want Weekend Tour which has been selling out arenas around the country. As far as activation coverages go, this assignment was fairly straight forward and my only creative limitation was that every single photo would be limited to a 1x1 crop to be used across Olay and Tide's social accounts. In an Instagram world you would think this would be a simple task but for the first 3-4 hours on Friday, it was a big challenge that eventually helped me to actually rethink how i would need to approach each shot and improved the coverage more and more over time until we had a wide selection of great images for the client to use. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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The Best Layer-TimeLapse I've Ever Seen

Layer timelapses are something that is kinda "new" and is getting more and more popular as crazy ones like this sprout up but this lapse of Boston is absolutely amazing. Shot by Julian Tryba using Kessler Crane's insane Cinedrive system, this lapse takes the traditional styling of a timelapse and puts it on steroids. Check out the video and a link to the process after the jump.

Posted on October 15, 2014 .

Finding Your Style As A Photographer

Discovering and shaping your own style as a photographer can be tough and to some, seems pretty much impossible. The easiest way to approach this is to simply, "let it come to you." This may fall somewhere between dumb and common sense to a lot of people but it really isn't the easiest way to decide on your style and improve it over time. When I first started, I immediately noticed dark, high contrast, qualities to my photos and over time I started to "look" for this shot instead of letting it just happen by coincidence and it has shaped a fairly noticeable style for me over the past few years.

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You Don't Need A DSLR For Travel Photography

When you read this post realize that I said you do not NEED a DSLR for travel photography, yes, it may be awesome and you may have more capabilities overall but it also forces you to carry a bunch of equipment around and doesn't really let you get out of your comfort zone and experiment more. For the first few years I traveled, I would take my camera, lenses, everything, EVERYWHERE..and it was awful so on this trip I decided that 100% of the photos I take outside of what I was actually here working on would be taken with my 5S through VSCO cam since it is my favorite photo app currently and I feel like it gives you just the right amount of control. On this trip I was in the hotel for the most part, or the hotel but you can get an idea of what I set out to do with this little mini project. Check out all of my VSCO photos in the gallery after the jump.

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Travel Tips for Photographers

 As I sit in the Houston airport waiting to board my flight to Atlanta this morning, I figured it would be a good time to go over a few travel tips that can help some photographers that have just started to travel for work. Check out these life savers after the jump, well maybe not "life savers" but they're great regardless.

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Jeremy Cowart did a Commercial Shoot W/ an iPhone 6, and It's Great

Jeremy Cowart has been one of my favorite photographers for the past few years and he is the only photographer that I have actually purchased a training DVD from. Cowart is an amazing portrait and commercial photographer and for his latest project he did an entire commercial shoot with the newly released iPhone 6 Plus. I'm a firm believer in great photography being dictated more by the photographer than the camera itself but he highlights various new features in iOS8 as well as the newly revamped camera built into the phone and how he is able to use these tools to create great images. Almost of the final images were edited in the native Photos app which I probably wouldn't use since I still prefer VSCO and Lightroom but it still shows how far phones have come. Point and Shoots are pretty pointless at this point. Check out the video after the jump.

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Use Natural DARKNESS To Emphasize Highlights

A lot of people separate photography into two massive categories that are dictated only by the "type" of light that is used to take the shot which would either be flash or natural/continuous light. For almost the entirety of my photo "career" if you can call it that, I have worked with natural/continuous light for one simple reason, it's cheap if it even costs anything at all. Both types of lighting have their advantages and disadvantages and generally a photographer is going to have a preference to one over the other due to the amount of control you have over the final image. I love flash photography however I am not nearly as comfortable with it as I am with continuous light. Continuous light to me is something that forces you to work with what you have and trains your "eye" so to speak because you pay more attention to how different angles, diffusion, etc will affect your composition in real time. My style has also been somewhat dark and I love to use shadows to form an image as opposed to simply focusing on the highlights of the image. This works out great when you are shooting things like neon signs or metallic objects in low light or dimly lit area. The best example of this in my work, outside of concerts of course can be seen in some shots I took in the St. Louis Art Museum last year of the various sculptures and ornate pieces on display. Take a look at these images and pay close attention to the amount of light and what direction it is coming from to form the hard and crisp edges of the subjects. This increased contrast often times tricks the brain into thinking an image is sharper than it really is which will give your images that extra pop to set them over the top. Read more for the gallery and show me some of your own examples if you have them.

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